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Uncle Dean's loves supporting local farmers, bakers, and candle-stick makers. These are our friends, neighbors, and fellow Maine-ers.  They, like us, want to get back to basics and make available the best quality products to our customers. These small businesses often got their start out of a desire for better quality products for themselves and their families. Now we get to share in the bounty!

Whether it's home-made breads and salsas, freshly harvested produce, free-range chicken eggs, or pasture-raised beef, Uncle Dean's supports local producers. We want to provide our customers with the best Maine has to offer, and items that you can't buy at the big-box stores. We think we do a pretty darn good job of it, too!

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Buy Local, Support Maine: Riverwind Farm

In Billy Shores case, the owner of Riverwind Farm in Vassalboro, Maine, raising animals is in his blood. He spent his childhood helping out on his parents’ cattle farm learning the ropes. Though his father’s interest was primarily dairy cows, Billy shifted his interests to meat cattle and struck out on his own. When asked why he initially made the switch, he chuckled and said, “No more milking, I guess!”  Thus began a business 17 years in the making. 

Billy’s herd ranges from 45-50 head in the winter to around 65 in the spring and summer months when the new calves are born. This allows him to provide excellent quality, grass-fed beef to the greater Central Maine area which, aside from Uncle Dean’s, includes several restaurants as well as many custom orders from neighbors, friends, and other discerning meat eaters. In addition to his beef cattle, Billy also raises pork and free-range chicken, adhering to similarly high standards, as well.

This high bar, which he always strives for his meat to reach (100% grass fed, no antibiotics or added hormones) is one that has been in place from the beginning. He raises his animals in a stewardship-minded way because he himself believes it is best for everyone involved, especially the animals themselves.  Billy definitely has a vision of growth for his farm and clientele base but he recognizes that it most likely will continue to be at a slower pace than perhaps other farms with lower standards. Riverwind has, indeed, seen growth, though.  In the past two years especially, with the farm becoming an LLC and with the addition of 100 acres of leased land for more head of cattle to happily graze, Billy is seeing his dream come to life. 

The constant commitment to the standards set for Riverwind Farm is also evident in Billy’s verbal iterations concerning honoring one’s word and following through with those words.  So, whether you are looking for a small package of ground beef for spaghetti tonight or you want to splurge on a filet mignon, you can be confident that Riverwind meat is true to its promises of freshness and high quality grass fed all the way from Billy’s farm to your plate.


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