No ifs, ands, or buts about it...


We Love Food

And we're betting you do, too. We love sharing meals with family and friends, trying new recipes, laughing around the table, and eating well. In the process we're creating memories to last a lifetime. Since so much of life revolves around food, we think it should be the good stuff........ simple, honest, fresh, taste-bud tantalizing, whole------really amazing food.     

 We should all have the option to eat foods that are as close to "fresh from the farm" as possible; simple ingredients without all the unnecessary additives so often found in products at conventional stores. We strive to provide a wide array of healthy, organic, preservative-free, and locally-sourced products that you can feel good about eating yourself and feeding to your family.  And sometimes....we get it and understand....we all just have a hankering for those comfort foods from childhood (you know, the ones that grandma used to make).  We have many of those classic, delicious ingredients and products, too.  Come see what you've been missing. Yum!         

Ultimately, food brings people together, so let's eat and enjoy some fabulous food!

Bon Appétit!