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August 2019

Can you believe that back to school is on the horizon already? BUT, first things first: the best month of the year for all things local - August! Though the cool and rainy weather of the past few months has tried to wreak havoc on the local farm’s crop yields, we will (finally!) start to see some of our favorite seasonal products. These include all the perfect veggies for pickling! Expect to see organic pickling cukes and organic fresh dill in the department! (We’ve also partnered with our grocery department to make sure we will have the spices and canning jars so we can be your one-stop shop for all things pickled!)

Locally grown, organic heirloom tomatoes and pints of delicious, and quite beautiful, rainbow cherry tomatoes from our friends over at Steelbow farm will be available. If you prefer classic red cherry tomatoes, local farmer Alex Either from Killdeer Croft will be happy to provide an abundance.

Towards the middle of the month we should begin to see local, organic eggplant and peppers from Steelbow farm will be available. Ironwood farm will be bringing us the first batch of an Uncle Dean’s favorite, organic carrots. For those with a sweeter bent, be on the lookout for sweet peppers from Killdeer Croft Farm.

The local bounty will continue to the end of month, Maine grown corn on the cob from Community Harvest, organic beets from Ironwood Farm, organic garlic, local watermelon, AND peaches from Locust Grove Farm. Some of our customers have said that these are the BEST peaches they have ever had. Maybe it’s time to come and try one for yourself??

ALSO, just a friendly reminder that we are in the midst of local blueberry season but it is short, so enjoy them while you can! We have them now – yum!

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Uncle Dean's Produce Manager