Food for Thought...

We hope 2019 is off to a great start! The Uncle Dean’s team is looking forward to a wonderful year and partnering with you, our valued friends and customers, as we strive to eat well.

Throughout the coming months, we plan to highlight topics that will help garner a better understanding of just how important food choices are for optimal health.

Is too much sugar making us sick?

We hope to address some oft overlooked but foundational issues regarding healthy eating. Previously, we touched upon the amazing gut-brain connection and the crucial link between gut health and general health. The detrimental affect of sugar on the gut microbiome was briefly explored, and there is certainly much more information available on that topic. We will definitely return to the subject in the future. However, because of the high interest and questions customers have asked we thought it might be good to rewind a bit and delve further into sugar, in general, and the growing mountain of research showing its harmful effects on not just gut health but also on overall health. Sugar, sugar everywhere! The high prevalence of sugar in the modern diet, in everything from salad dressing and ketchup to granola and yogurt, is fueling an epidemic of chronic obesity, disease, and physical ailments. How is this possible? Recent estimates suggest that on average Americans are consuming 57 lbs. of added sugar per year per person. That’s a staggering number. One 12 oz. soda contains 11 teaspoons of sugar. That’s already almost double the daily maximum recommended amount of sugar… and that’s in just one can. What is the effect of all this extra sugar? Let’s jump in and find out. The links provided below are extremely informative and offer great explanations regarding how the body actually processes sugar. The more we understand our amazing bodies and how they actually work, the more able we are to make informed decisions about what we eat.

Food for thought… Until next time. Eat well, live well.

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