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Take a peak at the fabulous, fresh, and local produce offerings this month! 

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January 2019

Happy 2019! Citrus season will continue through the month of January, including deals on favorites like Valencia Oranges, Navel Oranges, and Cara-Cara Oranges. Keep your eyes peeled, as new varieties may also be making an appearance as the month progresses. It’s time to put some fresh zing and zest into your meals with our deals on lemons and limes. Bagged mandarin oranges will also be a staple in the department (perfect for school and work snacks!).

Avocados are in the house! And at amazing prices! We have all the fresh ingredients to make your favorite game time snack (Pico de Gallo and guacamole, anyone?). Hurry in while the deals last.

Our local supply of root veggies is still plentiful, too, so you’ll be able to find carrots, potatoes, and other organic, local staples in stock.

We are also talking with farmers about their upcoming bounty and shoring up all the small details that go into making a great produce department. Uncle Dean’s goal continues to strive to be the premier independent natural market in the central Maine area and to provide the highest quality produce from organic and local growers. We look forward to a great new year! Thanks for continuing to help us support our local farmers and businesses. We hope to see you in the aisles!


Uncle Dean's Produce Manager


Try These Delicious Seasonal Recipes: