Produce In-Season

Take a peak at what fresh and local produce will be stocking our shelves in the next month! 

PLUS! Delicious recipes to make the most of the season.


November 2018

November is here and as the year draws to a close, the weather turns, and the holidays appear on the horizon, giving thanks is (hopefully!) on all our minds. This month the produce department will use our space to be grateful.

At Uncle Deans we are thankful for our farmers. These dedicated people work year round even through the winter months to lay their plans for the coming year; carefully considering and buying their seeds and waiting for the first signs of spring. They plant in hope then watch, care for, and harvest their crop. Although often walking through our doors sun-beaten and tired, they always bring a smile. Without their passion and devotion we would be missing an important part of what makes Uncle Dean’s unique: our local, farm-to-table products.

We are thankful for our employees. Our clerks start early and stay late to keep our produce at peak quality. In the last year we’ve started many new procedures in our department, including several to ensure greens stay fresh. A simple kitchen timer is our reminder to consistently spray the produce every 20 minutes and has become our best friend at Uncle Deans. We know you’ve noticed the difference! Our produce team members have risen to the challenges of reaching even higher quality.

Not last and certainly not least, we are thankful for you! We wouldn’t have a business without our loyal, discerning customers and I’ve enjoyed sharing our local produce stories with some of our customers. We will always dedicate our efforts to providing our customers with the best we can source in local, organic, and natural produce.

We could never list all that we are thankful for, but we encourage you and yours to take some time and give it your best to count your blessings. A grateful heart belongs to any person who recognizes the richness of their blessings. We can all be grateful for something.

ALSO! Be on the lookout for new seasonal produce coming into the department this month including the first of the Navel Orange crop, asparagus, and pomegranates. And of course, we’ll have all the Thanksgiving fixings and sides you need: local potatoes, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, turnip, and more!


Uncle Dean's Produce Manager