Produce In-Season

Take a peek at our fabulous produce offerings this month! 

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April 2019

It’s April and spring is finally upon us! As we begin to warm up and enjoy the sunlight later into the day, here at Uncle Dean’s we will be working hard to continue to provide delicious fruits and veggies. The citrus season has begun to wind down, meaning Navels, Blood, and Cara-Cara oranges will be in limited supply. Pop on over soon to grab the last ones. When citrus ends, pear season begins! Green and Red Bartlett pears will be back, along with the lovely Anjou. Fun fact: Did you know the variety is named after a region in France but is thought to have originated in Belgium? Also, expect to see strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries at great prices as the month progresses. A refreshing berry detox smoothie anyone?!

Nothing says spring quite like fresh, organic veggies. Starting out the month, cucumbers will be in plentiful supply as well as two other spring staples, zucchini and yellow squash! We will be bringing in organic carrots and 1lb bags of baby carrots along with bunched organic red radishes throughout the month!

Our local produce farmers are hard at work on their crops and gearing up for a fabulous season. Full Fork Farm will be providing us with plenty of Pea Sprouts in 4oz and an 8oz bags. Ironwood farm will be bringing us Organic Sunflower Sprouts in 2oz containers. And keep a lookout towards the end of the month as there’s always a chance we may end up offering a surprise local treat!


Uncle Dean's Produce Manager