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February 2019

A taste of summer is on its way! We know February is still cold here in the northeast, but it's peak harvest for some of the most delicious varieties of citrus, and Uncle Dean’s will have them. Keep your eyes peeled for Blood Oranges, unique due to their scarlet inner coloring, sweet taste, and undertones of berry. In fact, the easiest way to identify them is by the red/pink blushing that occurs on the outer rind, reflecting the pigment found in the inner flesh called anthocyanin. Plus, Blood Oranges are a naturally seedless cultivar, so no more spitting out orange seeds!

The apples are now coming from Washington, but this doesn’t mean they are any less delicious and naturally-grown! Honeycrisp apples are still one of our most delicious. Interestingly, this variety was originally developed in the 1960’s by the University of Minnesota as a cross between Honey gold and a Macoun apple to create an apple hardy enough to withstand harsh Minnesota winters while still retaining the distinct honey flavor. Ever since, Honeycrisps have been grown in many northern states including Washington, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Maine!

Also, our assortment of fresh berries are on the way. They will be perfect for a Valentine’s Day dessert!


Uncle Dean's Produce Manager


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