Produce In-Season

Take a peak at what fresh and local produce will be stocking our shelves in the next month! 

PLUS! Delicious recipes to make the most of the season.


October 2018

Apples and onions and squash, oh my! The new seasonal local offerings keep coming and we can’t get enough of them.

Starting in October we’ll have new apple varieties from Cayford Orchards including Cortland and Honeycrisp apples. Every type of apple is unique in its flavor and texture, so each has a different application. Apples can be sweet or tart, have a fine grain or a larger mealy texture, or be somewhere in between! Cortland’s are sweet-tart apples with a fine texture that are particularly resistant to oxidation when cut, so they won’t brown as quickly. This makes them great for fresh preparations, but don’t discount them for making your tarts, pies, and cobblers. They also have a good flavor balance for pressing cider. Honeycrisp apples trace their lineage to a cross between the classic Golden Delicious and the Russian heirloom variety Duchess of Oldenburg. Since it was developed in the 1960’s in Minneapolis to withstand the cold weather of Minnesota, it fares well in Maine too! The apple retains its sweet flavor even when prepared and it does well in applesauce, preserves and apple butter.

When it comes to squash, we’ve got you covered. Acorn, sweet dumpling, buttercup, carnival, delicata and more… All grown locally and raised to last the winter, these squash will be enjoyed for months to come. With so many different flavors, textures, and ways to prepare, the best thing to do is try them all! We’ll be putting out recipes for different squashes over the next few months to help spark your culinary curiosity to cook the collection of our Cucurbita (that’s the squash family) cross section (alliteration appreciation, anyone?). Pop in to check out what we’ll be offering and pick up a recipe card to try something deliciously new.


Uncle Dean's Produce Manager